The first steps into bloggers life

I have a lot of time spent to me to consider what is to be in my very first post.
Should I introduce myself? Explain why I write this blog about? DC start with a recipe? Or do you prefer something else?
I hoped for inspiration in my favorite blogs to find and went there on a search in the archives - unfortunately without success.

I do not know why, but I wanted to start my blog with a great post - but what is perfect?

This back and forth only made that I momentarily lost sight of my goal. I wanted to blog but really! Instead, I stayed with things that were less important.

So I just want to start all this:

Welcome to my blog!
My name is Elena, I am 25 and my free time I like to spend in the kitchen. Since I'm trying to create great dishes, whereas I am still quite inexperienced. There are still so many things I want to learn absolutely! And this is exactly why I decided to run this blog. Here I want to share my experiences with you, try new things and improve my skills.

In this sense: “Bon Voyage” 🙂


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