Delicious links – KW19 / 2015 – My weekly recommendations

A nice Saturday dear ones,
first thank you for the positive response to my “delicious links”, I am pleased to read or hear that you find good such a category on the blog. In the future, I would appreciate your opinion!

Today I was again brought to you back on a culinary mission and gave you a mix of sweet and savory. And here are my favorites this week:

  1. Mara has brought an Italian classic in a slightly different form: Panna cotta with strawberry tart – genial!
  2. That muffins do not always have to be sweet, Simone shows on her blog. There are Polenta and spinach muffins with sheep's cheese filling and Tomatenmützchen.
  3. Who does not know a woman's heart blood should definitely look at their past. In these Almond Cupcakes with Blueberry Violet Frosting I immediately fell in love.
  4. In case you can not even decide whether there should be light or dark chocolate mousse, then the three froth exactly by Tanja right for you.
  5. I love berries and possess no ice machine. As Madam Red Rübes recipe comes just at the right: Raspberry and strawberry sorbet with Holunderlikör.
  6. Do you like spicy food? If so, then this spice paste by Bettina is certainly right for you – or it has presented the so-called Harissa in small glasses.

I am sure that for you this is also something times, right?

Best regards and nice weekend

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