Welcome to the year 2014 - My 365-day project

Happy new year to you all! I hope you are all well and have slipped into the evening so spent, as ye vorstelltet this. We had a great evening with good friends and good mood accordingly start to the new year.

As indicated yesterday, I would like to start from a project that will take all 365 days. The idea of ​​a 365-day project came after reading an article in the Magazine "Flow", die seit November letzten Jahres – also 2013 😉 – auch in Deutschland erhältlich ist. So nebenbei kann ich diese Zeitschrift mit gutem Gewissen weiterempfehlen, vorausgesetzt ihr interessiert euch für Themen wie Inspiration, Achtsamkeit, positive Psychologie und Papiterie. Vor allem Letzteres wird durch tolle Papierprodukte, welche jeder Ausgabe beiliegen, in den Mittelpunkt gestellt. Zielgruppe der Flow sind kreative Frauen jeden Alters, die einen Hang zu Do-it-Yourself haben.

In the article "Small Tagwerk", several projects will be presented, such as the daily crochet a square from which a giant blanket formed after 365 days or a photo project where every day a face is composed of different materials. The fantasy here are no limits. I was so thrilled with the idea after reading that I myself also really wanted to start such a project.

After much deliberation I had a few days ago the brilliant idea that ausreifte to my project: "Today there is ... a little bit of luck!".
What is at stake here? It's simple: Every day I'm going to a random place a card with a homemade fortune cookie, which is of course packed to leave. The card I design according to your mood or depending on how much time I have on the correct days. If you're curious where the "little luck" is the day you can do so by Instagram Track (# a small portion happiness).

Glückskekse aus meinem 365-Tage-Projekt: heute gibt es... eine kleine Portion Glück!

What I hope for this project? It was important to find something that not only gives me joy, but also other people puts a smile on your face. In my opinion, everyone is looking forward for a positive sentence, a quote or something similar, with whom he is surprised. Or what do you think?

Via URL or QR-code, which are located on the map, the finder of the fortune cookie has the possibility here to leave a message. A collection of cards you will also find there. I am curious how I manage this project, if I may so prepare anyone a pleasure and perhaps one or the other involved with a positive feedback.

Do you also have a 365-day project? If so, what one? Or do you not even never knew this until today?


P.S. ein Rezept zu den Glückskeksen wird es im Laufe des Jahres geben, sobald ich dieses perfektioniert habe 😉

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