Esslinger Medieval and Christmas market

Greetings lovely ladies and noble gentlemen, it is a joy to behold me you here!

Is she completely crazy now?

Do not worry, I wanted to join you, only to today's post, because this time there is no recipe, but a cultural and at the same time but also culinary recommendation from me.

Have you ever been in Esslingen am Neckar? This beautiful city, about 20 km from Stuttgart, has a lot to offer, which we are very proud Esslinger.
But THE highlight of the year always takes about four weeks before Christmas. In the old town, clocks are turned back about 600 years, and you find yourself suddenly in the 16th century surrounded by jugglers, musicians and knights in medieval Esslingen.

Do you like to go with me on this little journey of discovery? Then sit back and enjoy the short journey through time!

Our journey begins below the Esslinger Burg, middle of the square, between the usual stalls that are there on a Christmas again. Do you see the giant Christmas pyramid of wood? A few meters past the medieval gate and you're located in the town square of Esslingen – right in the middle ages.

Do you hear that?

“Welcome, enter them I may be to you for help?”, “Where are you going?”, “Fare ye well”.

Do not be surprised, because the fit-clad dealers and artists talking about one simply from the side – in Middle High German, of course. If you also like to walk around in robes and noble knight clothes, you have even the possibility to stock you here with appropriate things.

From jewelry to weapons and musical instruments for everyone. The little ones are not forgotten and can with a wooden sword and shield, armed with parents conquer the little ones around the corner. There exploring Allerlei: games like archery, ax throwing, mice Roulette and Dragon Hunt, a small hand-powered Ferris wheel, candle making and much more. One might then be a child again as an adult!

After all the impressions it's time for a little refreshment.

Do you smell that?

Let yourselves be guided by the exotic scents and see what it has to offer culinary specialties of the market. For lovers of oriental cuisine of jurisdiction is “Food of the Orient” the right place. Here you will find cakes with different fillings and sauces. Let yourself from the nice sellers advise if you you are not sure or do not know certain ingredients, this will help you make the right choice. By the way: Vegetarians can look forward to several vegetarian fillings here!

If you want to try something more extraordinary, you should at “hemp Beckerey” drop by. There should be people who only come to the medieval market to eat a hemp bag or hemp flat. The shelled hemp seed or hemp leaves give the court combined with the Gewürztunke a special flavor. Anyone interested may be the same drink a hot Hanfmet it.

Holt euch etwas Leckeres auf dem Markt, sei es nun eine leckere gefüllte Flade, ein Stockbrot oder ein Heurekaner, und seht euch eine der Vorstellungen auf der Bühne vor dem neuen Rathaus an. Es gibt täglich mehrere musikalische Darbietungen, schaut doch einfach auf dem tagesaktuellen Kulturprogramm nach, um keine Show zu verpassen.

nor let a little stroll through the market and look at one or the other craftsmen at work on the shoulder. When did you see a blunder, glassblowers or farrier in action get the chance? A little tip: Come to the people this week and provides quiet questions.

I could watch as hours marshal of the paper mill in Nausnitz at work. It fascinates me what you can magic up with a piece of wood. Just the spoon selection, he has exhibited I find remarkable. A simple wooden spoon he can produce by hand already in about two hours, for a Novgorod spoon with braided leather carving as in the picture, he, however, requires two full days. With him, but you can find not only spoon, but jugs, wooden boards, knives and much more.

Just around the corner you will find a colorful booth, come to the ceramic lovers at their expense. Colorful bowls, plates, vases, bread boxes and other precious items made of ceramics can be admired and purchased here. Ms. Hieber and Mr. Bull put in her ceramics workshop products for “The hazel blade” ago while offering to both simple articles, and special unique items with embossing techniques – whichever suits your panel.

Are you tired?

Hopefully not, because now it goes to the port market and what else is there to discover everything that you are allowed not to be missed! Here you can further watch craftsmen at work, or in which one or the other even join in yourself. read correctly, you can – for a fee – locally e.g. forge a horseshoe, to try in high-pressure technology or produce jewelry in the Chain Maille technology. Keep your eyes open, then you missed any of the offers! On passing through the streets you can still pay or applaud the artists who pass by here again and again in their performances a Wegzoll in voluntary level.

If you have not had enough of cups and plates, then looks absolutely at the small stand “Thon goods” past. A very small manufacturing firm in North Rhine-Westphalia provides us with their getöpferten with love products. Throughout the year, the couple with their car on historic markets on the road and the crowning glory is Esslingen on their itinerary. So take the chance, perhaps there is something for you here.

How about a small glass of wine? If you like can be previously briefly by the doctor it checked before it then is something witches bile or a love potion. Choosing her into the wine of carriages “berry wines” place is huge! That one there, choosing the right beverage is not easy falls, you can imagine. Maybe you can help other than the flavor of the name or the color of the trunk. The most popular wine is the so-called “Drachenglut”, Whereas in the liqueurs “Woodruff cream”Which unofficially because of the green color also “Froschkotze” is called – well then, cheers 😉

Are you cold?

Then you can either cocoa, tea or coffee, or you take a hot bath in the medieval bath house, very authentic in the tub, where you will be massaged by the so-called Baderin simultaneously. Here, you should not interfere with the looks of the other Renaissance Faire visitors though.
Then her dürftet be relaxed in order to travel back to 2016 with me again.

Did you like our little virtual journey through time?

Then you should definitely visit us in Esslingen! Of the Esslingen Medieval Market and Christmas Market opens yet until 12.22.2016 its doors, daily from 11-20.30 pm or on the last day to 18 AM.
A little tip I have for you, if you have the opportunity should visit their market middle of the week because the weekend visitors come from around the world to medieval market and therefore to be reckoned with large crowds. As empty as my pictures, it is very rare on the market or only on certain days at certain times 😉

Is there with you in the area and a special Christmas market? Have you ever been on a medieval market or even on the Esslingen? Tell me your stories I'm excited!

Fare ye well!

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