Just before the weekend there my hand a recipe for a dessert that is quick to prepare and still tastes delicious. The recipe originally came from a friend who has this tell me kindly. We have tested this week on the birthday of my mother in law and approved. I have somewhat modified the name, there am I among a “Pfirsich-Mascarpone-Creme” or “Pfirsich-Tiramisù” something else imagine. “Peach-Cantuccini-Dream” applies it here in my opinion very good, but see for yourself:

Total time
1h 20min



  • that. 400g Cantuccini (Depending on the baking dish)
  • 500g Joghurt
  • 500g Mascarpone
  • 2 Päckchen Vanilli Zucker
  • 1 large can of peaches
  • approx 80g Mandelblättchen
  • 3 tablespoons sugar


  1. Add the Yogurt with the mascarpone and vanilla in a bowl and mix well with a hand mixer.
    Joghurt, Mascarpone und Vanillinzucker werden zu einer Creme
  2. Now 2EL of peach juice are added in a can and stirred briefly.
  3. Cut the canned peaches into small pieces, add to the cream with a spoon and mix in this well. Be sure to keep the juice of canned peaches, since we still need this!
  4. Now the bottom of the baking dish is covered with biscotti. Here you have a bit rumpuzzeln depending on the shape 😉
  1. The peach juice to about 100ml pour evenly over the biscotti. Very important: The soil must not be too soft. So if even less juice sufficient for the Cantuccini soak something less easy to take the juice or a little more if they still need liquid. Here you have to rely upon your feelings, but that gets her out already 🙂
  2. Then the peach mascarpone cream is evenly distributed over the biscotti and comes for about an hour in the refrigerator.Creme aus Pfirsich und Mascarpone auf Cantuccini
  3. The almonds are then caramelized with the sugar.
    Before he starts a small security warning:
    Works on low heat and do not let the pot out of sight. Just as quickly as caramelized sugar, it becomes Zuckercouleur and then starts to burn. Never tried to extinguish the flames with water, but they suffocated with a matching lid to the pot.
    Now to caramelize:
    To do that, the best sugar evenly in a pot, makes the stove on low flame and wait until the sugar liquefies. As soon as he takes on a golden color (this is the critical point so) are the almonds with constant stirring.
    The caramelized almonds in a bowl to the side and let engine cool and spread on the cream just before serving.

Der Pfirsich-Cantuccini-Traum

I myself have only a portion of the flaked almonds caramelised, while I roasted the other part in a pan. Together with the caramelized almonds makes this a little variation in color and gives the dessert the well-known roasted flavors.

As a little guidance: My form has incidentally a size of about 25 x 36cm. For this I have multiplied the quantities to be communicated with 1.5.

This recipe is very flexible, because you use other fruits depending on your taste or – for alcohol lovers among us – a portion of the fruit juice can replace Amaretto example.

Let me know if it tasted you, or whether you think of a suitable name 🙂
Otherwise, I wish you a nice weekend and a good appetite!


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