Peach feta salad – a guest post from the “Kochpsychiater”

Hello everybody, we have a very special visit today. Once again I invited a guest for my short summer break, that is two guests, this time around. Birgitt and Michael usually write on the blog “Die Kochpsychiater” and I was allowed to meet her at a bloggers meeting. Your meeting today hold both here and they even brought something very tasty 🙂

Hi there, nice to see you're here, as well! We are the "Kochpsychiater".

You do not know us? Well, we understand you've never been to the psychiatrist. Nevermind, one time is always the first time.
Today you may enjoy your first, very relaxed "Kochpsychiater" therapy session, on the couch with us.

So we are the "Kochpsychiater" with a private kitchen surgery in Swabia.
On our blog we give you in a humorous way, insight into our everyday kitchen madness.
Are we a little insane? Well, sometimes maybe. Admittedly, a blog led as Mr. and Mrs. Doctor psychiatrist, appears somewhat weird. In any case, our kitchen surgery is different than any other food blog.

Salat aus Pfirsichen und Feta

Sometimes when watching through an open window, it smells like chocolate, as we live in a chocolate city :-). While this fits somehow, when you're a food blogger, in the morning at 7 o'clock even the most ambitious blogger has some problems ...

Cooking and baking accompanied us for over 40 years, so we can draw on quite a wealth of experience.
Also, because we both have learned cooking and baking from scratch by our mothers and at school it later was common that you learned how to cook. Not just now and again, but for a few years.

As such a therapy session makes one rather hungry, we have brought a very tasty peach and feta salad for you. This salad is very quick in preparation and very refreshing during a hot day

Enjoy your meal!

Peach feta salad
Total time

Peach and feta salad with fresh pineapple sage

Ingredients: (For 4 people)

  • 4-8 ripe vineyard peaches (the amount depends on size and hunger)
  • 400 g feta cheese
  • a few leaves of fresh pineapple sage or mint
  • Balsamic vinegar cream
  • Juice and zest of half a lemon
  • good olive oil
  • fleur de sel
  • white pepper


  1. Peel the peaches
    If the peaches are ripe, this should not be a problem. Otherwise, hold the peaches briefly into boiling water, then they can be peeled easily.
  2. Cut into slices.
  3. Arrange on a large plate.
  4. Divide the feta with your fingers into larger pieces and spread over the peaches.
  5. Rub lemon zest over the plate.
  6. Add balsamic vinegar cream, olive oil and lemon juice and season with fleur de sel and white pepper.
  7. Spread pineapple sage leaves

Serve with:
Fresh pita bread and a light white wine

Thank you so much for this refreshing salad, to the both of you! Especially at high temperatures this is a good alternative to savory food.

You desire another session with the "Kochpsychiater"? Render them a visit at their doctor's office 😉

Bye for now

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