Tiramisu – a family recipe

Should I bring anything? Yes please, Tiramisù!

This answer I get often from relatives, friends and acquaintances to hear if any celebration is imminent. An Italian classic – and yet everyone makes him a little different. There are hundreds of variants and of course everyone claims that his is the best.

Well, I do not claim from my. Why? It's simple: As you may recall, I do not like coffee and this is pretty much tastes the tiramisu out yet. So I do not think he's so delicious, people above, however, the more 🙂


I am often asked what I use for alcohol for my tiramisu. It's simple: no! It also goes without and tastes just as delicious. The trick here is a bottle of rum flavoring, whereby the classical taste is reached, it can be safely eaten but still children.
The variant, which I present to you today is certainly not the classic from an Italian baking book, but comes from my mom 🙂 But are not exactly family recipes the best? Often, a great mystery is made about such recipes, but I will do you and your guests something good, I tell you today MY MY recipe from perfect tiramisu:

Total time
3h 20min


Ingredients: (Form ca. 25 x 36cm)

  • 6 eggs
  • 750g Mascarpone
  • 225g sugar
  • 1 bottle of rum flavor
  • 500g sponge fingers (from the baking dish, rather have something more dependent on hand)
  • ca. 200ml Espresso (lauwarm bus kalt)
  • Cocoa for dusting


  1. Separate the eggs.
  2. 6 tablespoons of sugar to egg whites and beat egg whites to.
  3. Add the remaining sugar with the mascarpone and the rum flavor to the yolks and mix with an electric mixer.
  4. Then the egg whites and mix well with the mascarpone mass with a whisk, so that a homogeneous cream.
  5. Enter into the mold just enough cream that the bottom is covered.
  6. Now, follow Procedure: Enter part of the espresso into a shallow dish.
    Tip: Prefer something less and always refill. This reduces the risk that the ladyfingers soaked and the tiramisu is too wet at the end.
    The ladyfingers one by one from each side briefly (!) Dive into the coffee and side by side on the cream layer place. I always put the ladyfingers with the sugar side up. This has no particular reason, but there is so his habits…and has harmed so far never 🙂

Löffelbiskuits werden ausgelegt

  1. Once the first layer of ladyfingers can pick up in the form of a thin layer of mascarpone cream is spread on it with a spoon, until the cookies are just so covered.
  2. It is followed by another layer of ladyfingers – see Step 6 Here, please note that cookies be interpreted in the same direction as the first layer.
  3. Still give one final layer of mascarpone cream on the ladyfingers. It may here be a bit more, but do not overdo it. For me is always something left over, so I can still make a glass or a piece of tiramisu addition.
  4. Place the tiramisu for about 3 hours in the refrigerator.
  5. Sprinkle until shortly before serving with cocoa – because it becomes soggy – and enjoy.

A super easy recipe that you can prepare well the evening before.

For those of you who are looking for a more modern form of Anrichtens for the tiramisu, I tried the version in the glass. The difficulty here is in my opinion the fact that you have to trim the ladyfingers in comparison to the classical variant because of the round shape of the glass more. Depending on the glass height can also add another biscuit layer. The version in the glass is likely to be somewhat time consuming, but has the advantage that the tiramisu is already portioned for guests. And it does not look quite so bad, right?

No matter which option you decide, I'm sure that your guests will love this tiramisu. So do not be surprised if you are asked in the future to bring tiramisu. I have warned you 😉

Verschiedene Tiramisù-Varianten

Greetings and good appetite

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