Tomato-Feta-Muffins – Vistiting “Frl. Moonstruck kocht!”

Today I'm really excited, because I may visit Ramona on her blog that one of my absolute favorites. Most of you will know Miss Ramona as Moonstruck and already know that they are on “Frl. Moonstruck kocht!” blogs about vegetarian food. If you should not know Ramona's blog, then I can put you this only to the heart, because with all the delicious dishes that can be found there, it does not take as a non-vegetarian meat 😉

Together with a few other bloggers I am representing Ramona during their holiday. As the weather here in the south of Germany is just as summer * Note * irony, I decided to have a picnic recipe. I also do love a picnic and have stayed single Presented here treatsBut for the young lady I baked delicious tomato and feta muffins. If you're a fan of Mediterranean cuisine are they are a “Must”If not, they deserve a chance nevertheless 😉

The recipe to and why I decided just for these muffins can be found here:


Have a nice weekend!

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